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Hello my name is Suzanna Southpaw. I am the spokes purrrson for Southpawcats. I am l7 years old - in the prime of my lives. I am totally BEAUTIFUL! I am a princess and must be treated as so. I am no ordinary cat, {but really what cat is ordinary??}

I am the Boss around here just ask Governor. However I am on medical leave at this time, but came here to say that my mom has a story to tell you about me getting paralyzed and my recovery. First I hope you enjoy the poem that she wrote about me!

Be sure to keep checking my main page, Mom told me she is going to make a special section all my own, since I now have so many pages and photos! {giggle}

Well I am seeing a sunbeam over there that I need to go check-out! See you later.
Miss Suzanna

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White is the color of
my true love's fur.
Soft as silk,
Warm as a quilt,
hanging on the line
in the summertime.

As beautiful as a
freshly fallen snow.
Her eyes glisten
like sunbeams all a glow.
White encompasses all the colors
of the rainbow.
As love encompasses all
the emotions of the soul.
White is the color
of my true love's fur.

A Princess' Request

Suzanna has always been very active and healthy. She is the most precious cat I have ever had. As most people who have animals in your lives know, some pets are good, some just live where you do and then every so often you get one that is very special connection. That is how Suzanna and I are. We are soulmates.

The first day I had her she just curled up by my neck, purred and slobbered. {She still does that when she is very happy.} I have gone through some difficult times, and she will come up and lay with me on the couch asking to have her belly rubbed. She has given me much love and companionship for all of these years.

Suzanna, she was injuried 7 years ago when she got vaccines, they were given inproperly and 7 hours later she was paralyzed in her back legs and tail. It has been a long road back and she will never fully recover. She still has a problem with incontinence. It was all the time in the begining and now only (most of the time) when she is in a deep sleep. Her back legs will kick really hard and sometimes she has knocked herself on the floor!

She was in the animal hospital for 4 days. It took about 2 months before she could walk. She needed alot of care for the first year. She gets around fairly good for what she has been through. Some days she does better than other days. {of course that could be said of me too! LOL}

She has a strong spirit and is a happy cat despite her disability. It is amazing how animals adapt. When she runs she uses her back legs together as one and does this cute little bunny hop. And when she needs some personal care she knows to come to me and let me know. She isn't quite as brave and independant as she used to be.

In the begining she had to be with me all of the time. The only way I could get anything done was to put her in a basket and keep her with me. Now when I am working in the artroom she has to be in a basket on the table. When I make a marble it usually takes an hour in the torch. I know that if I don't put her basket on the table, and her "steps" she will walk back and forth around the table until this is done for her. Then she gets in her basket, curls up and happily goes to sleep.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing I tell everyone--Know who is giving your cat the injections!! My vet had retired and I went to a store of pet supplies that had a clinic. The technician that gave her shots didnt even know how to hold the syringe! If that ever happens GRAB your CAT and RUN!!

**Please note that the clinic was owned by a vet and not the pet store, but I do suggest that you be "Smart" and really know who is responsible, and if the person giving the shots is properly trained! The first time there ASK these questions, and if they are bothered by you asking that speaks Volumes! Don't just expect that because the clinic has very popular name they train everyone right. I added some pages to help others avoid what Miss Suzanna and I have been through.

She now has a "specialist" vet {did you know that there are neurologist vets?? I didnt} Dr Mike is the only one that I will let give Suzanna shots, and his technican, which he has trained and explained it all to me. I tried to save money on the most precious thing in my life. I has been a very hard long lesson. And I feel it is my responsibility to share this with others.

{a.k.a. Suzanna's mom}

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